``The ability to discover...

... the unknown even in the things that I apparently know is the challenge and the blessing of every step.``

Antonella Yllana – Writer

Antonella Yllana was born in 1972 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, at the age of 8 she began writing poems, and created her first book. At the age of fourteen she moved with her family to Hamburg, in the north of Germany, where she finished schooling and concluded the standard German exam. She then traveled throughout Europe working and writing, living five years in France, three in Spain, six months in Italy and two years in the U.S.A., deepening  her studies in the languages of these countries. Currently, she passes long periods in Brazil, with trips to other cities and the exterior. She lives in the south of Bahia, Brazil, with her husband, the artist and poet Florencio Yllana.

She worked as baby-sitter, model, peddler, salesman, dancer, bartender, companion of the handicapped. She has worked as interpreter in Fairs of Industry, Fashion, Food and Literature in Germany and France. In her search for self-knowledge, she has gone deeply into the study of philosophy, psychology, tarot, shamanism, and meditation. She completed two retreats of Vipassana meditation, passing 20 days in meditative silence. She has worked ten years as translator and interpreter for monks of the Tibetan buddhism lineage of Karma Kagyu, did retreats of tibetan meditation, and since then has dedicated herself to the study of this philosophy. She was interpreter of  Shamans of different lineages. She was interpreter of courses of NLP, Systemic Constellations, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Kinesiology, from which she received certification. She has worked fifteen years in counseling with Tarot cards, developing her own method of coaching. She has completed twice the pilgrimage of Santiago, of 800 kilometers, starting in France, crossing the north of Spain and finishing in Santiago de Compostela.

All the knowledge accumulated in these adventures and works is directed to the craft of writing, her main art and activity. From 1997 to 2014, following books of hers have been published:

  • the novel “Aipotu and The Traveler of Utopia”
  • “The Science of Passion”, a book in which she exposes her conversations with her “inner goddess”, caught the attention of the renowned writer Paulo Coelho, who incorporated many passages of it in his novel “Eleven Minutes”, read world-wide
  • the travel journal “Love Letter of  a Pilgrim to the Camino the Santiago”
  • “When Clouds Dance”, a book of chronicles and reflections upon life
  • “The Path of Love”, a travel journal
  • the novel “Son of the Sun”, based on the life story of a capoeira master
  • the novel“Roots of Dreams”, on shamanism.

She has had multiple launchings and conferences throughout her homeland, in Europe and in the U.S.A.