``La capacité de découvrir l’inconnu ...

... même là où je semble tout connaître, est à la fois le défi et la bénédiction de chaque pas.``

Antonella Yllana – Writer

At the age of 27 I experienced a strong existential crisis that made me question the very essence of my being. After walking 800 km and completing a sacred pilgrimage in the heart of Spain, in 1999, my life changed drastically.  I had an ulcer on my cornea which almost made me lose my eyesight, I separated from a relationship of 10 years, I had a mystical experience and wrote “The Science of Passion”. This book helped me to understand and overcome many of the hardships and difficulties that accompanied this emotional death and finally it helped my rebirth into a new life in which magic was not just a romantic idea, but the subtle organic fabric life is made of. I never lost the connection to my inner Goddess, which was awakened in those days of my tempestuous quest and then flourished as the greatest blessing of my life through the writing of this book.
 My wishes and desires were answered and met in ways unimaginable to me before. Paulo Coelho, a renowned writer and a modern prophet, my mentor and a beloved friend, used parts of this book in his novel “Eleven Minutes” which was read worldwide and has been opening many doors for “The Science of Passion” to slowly find its ways into many hearts all over the world. I met the “enchanted prince” I called for in the book and dreamt about for such a long time. He made me discover shades of emotions that I did not even imagine I had in myself, from extreme tenderness to bursting anger, from the heights of lust and mysticism to the valleys of despair and sadness.
Thanks to his exquisite guidance, I saw it all and still feel there is so much more to see. He is an artist and a poet, an actor and a singer, my dearest master and a wise madman. Life has become so much more colorful and delightful under his touch. We have been traveling the world together for ten years, we got married three times, and I found out that it is really possible to have a passionate and exciting relationship. Being in love does not have to fade and stop over the years, it is a fire that can be kept alive and has the power to create entire universes, a spiritual mission that may grow infinitely, an unfolding adventure full of uncountable surprises and lessons, if not taken for granted and well taken care of.