``I open windows of dream...

... in the thick walls of the soul and rewrite the world as it reinvents me.``
Featured by Paulo Coelho in his Novel Eleven Minutes

The Science of Passion

Everything started with a great love. In fact, I believe that everything usually starts, somehow, through love. In my case, the greatest changes in my life came through the men that I have loved. Thanks to Life, I loved profoundly and intensely, and all that I have learned, I learned by loving.

In this book, I will write down my personal conversations with my “Higher Self”. I believe, that the world is in a state of calamity and needs to be changed, and that it depends on each of us to do our best to make sure these changes occur as soon as possible.

I discovered that the Goddess is a sort of energy full of humor, purity, beauty, with great goodness, mischievously fun, with a unique generosity, and that kind of happiness that I have only seen so far in very small children. Meeting Her changed my life, and every day I am eager to connect with Her, a process that will be explained in the book, and that fills me with emotion and gratitude.

Psychologists and philosophers have said a lot about Passion. Generally, they refer to this energy as if they were dealing with a dangerous and absorbent illusion. I believe that here the Goddess will shed new light on this very important theme in our lives. She will explain, amongst other things, passion as being a real and necessary energy, in fact the most important of all energies, which we have to learn to direct and make use in our lives.

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a couple's pilgrimage

The Path of Love

After five months apart, Florencio and I reunited in Paris yesterday, on the bridge where we first met exactly seven years ago. To arrive at this exact moment we have crossed many oceans and braved many storms. It was a challenge for us both. And yet, this is just the beginning of a great, unfolding saga. 

After a lot of time spent apart, it is always strange to reencounter the man you love. Our relationship has been like that from the start. We realized that we would have to be apart at some parts in our lives, in order to reach certain important goals, both for individual acquisition and mutual growth. We also recognized this as an invaluable exercise in detachment. Without being indifferent or irresponsible to each other, we have had to learn to love freely without the need to control. In those five months we hardly spoke to each other by phone. We decided to exchange emails, mostly love letters and poems.

In the meantime, in our hearts there is the certainty of love that never ends. But love changes just as we change and develop, and this is an important truth to be aware of. So yesterday was only the beginning of our reunion. While our bodies eagerly searched for that renewal, any genuine profound reunion takes time and patience for an adequate reopening. However, sleeping in his arms in Paris was like sleeping at home. Being together is always a victory of sorts. Loved ones died, others suffered illnesses, travels occured, and turbulent emotions shook us. But in the midst of all this, we found the strength to create those avenues which led us to this dream. We know that we are in the right place at the right time, and that together, we will unite in our pilgrimage to Santiago.

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The Incredible Story of a Capoeira Master

The Son of the Sun

The Son of the Sun – Book Description Railson is a boy of humble origins. He spends his days playing games in the lush nature of southern Bahia. For him, his parents are his greatest heroes and his tiny town, the entire world. However, trouble brews in paradise as the nightmares begin. No one understands what is happening. His mother takes him to a healer. The woman soon recognizes that the boy’s soul radiates a special light and dark forces are drawn to his flame. At 11 years old, Raílson’s father takes him to a capoeira school. Once there, time stops.

The world ceases to exist. The boy’s eyes sparkle as he is hypnotized by the beat of the Berimbau. Capoeira… Is it a fight, or is it a dance? It’s such a beautiful thing, so beautiful, he’s never seen anything like that before. It is a craft for heroes, a play for warriors, a game that he will play for the rest of his life. This is a tale we sing in the circles. A story for all who dance and fight in the roda, the wheel of life. A warrior’s journey of struggle, despair, wonder, magic, history. It is about the triumph over shadows, and the discovery of what it truly means to be called “Mestre”.

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The Root of Dreams

Hired by a renowned magazine to write about rituals, a skeptical journalist of São Paulo, immersed in the urban routine of the big city, is taken by a chance encounter into an unknown universe that would deeply challenge his way of seeing life and confront himself with his fears and limitations. In her impressive novel, based on a true story, Antonella Yllana takes the reader in a journey to the magical world of the unconscious, awakened by the spiritual richness of the forest and the rituals experiences with Ayahuasca, the medicinal root from the Amazon. Against the background of the magical setting of Bahia forests, this experience would transform Ivan Lima’s career, beliefs and lack of faith, leading him through an astonishing path.

“I simply loved the book.” (Paulo Coelho, writer)

“I read the book three times. Those are very interesting and real characters. There is something unusual that unites them, creating the possibility of dream and mystery, opening up to the magical personality of the Ayahuasca medicine throughout the plot. ” (Leonado Cavalcanti, shaman and therapist)

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