2014 was a difficult year for me. Of course, our vision is always limited and we tend to see our pain myopically, without seeing our past sorrow nor the pain of others. Still, this does not make it less real. Pain hurts, period. Every great pain, whether emotional or physical, brings a death and a possible rebirth. I think I went through a kind of death and now I’m in an intermediate stage, not fully dead nor completely reborn. Still, I am tremendously alive, pregnant not only with a son, but with my own self. If this is not madness, it is still crazy. Anyways, maybe that`s what life is about: different shades of living and dying mingling infinitely. Is it worth it? Of course it is, until it isn`t anymore. I know life sometimes becomes impossible for some people. Although I am unable to imagine such a totalitarian abyss, this mental hell, the absolute lack of love, I know they exist and just knowing this hurts. I can not seem to do much more than I do nor to be much more than I am, but my faith is the expansion of being. At least, I have a faith. I also like the simplicity of the Chinese cookie oracle: every day above the ground is a good day. Abyss or not, in one way or another, life will always be much more than we can understand. If there is no other reason to be surprised, this should suffice. This constant stretching of the understanding, this dip into the immensity. For these and other reasons, this moment is the profound mystery. I am grateful to share it with you. Happy New Year.