When I finished high school in Germany, the only dream that really excited me was writing and traveling. At the time, I thought I would do that for a year and then come back with the ability to answer the old question: “what will you be when you grow up?”. The only problem was that I was already well grown and everyone expected that I knew what I wanted. I did not know at the time, and still did not know a year later. I never returned to live in Germany. Many adventures and years later, I realized I still wanted to continue writing and traveling. My drafts began to turn into books. Writing became part of who I was. People read what I wrote and encouraged me to continue. Over time, I received letters and gifts from many readers that touched my heart and soul. I believe the greatest gift was the amazing friendships that arose along the way, thanks to the magic of words and the enchantment of shared dreams. Although I had three publishers, I did not have access to any more concrete support. So I also started self-publishing.

I’ve never been very organized in my path, everything happened in a very organic and natural way. This is how my website was created. It was the fruit of love and has been changing over the years. Since I have written seven books, not to mention those that I did not publish, I get the impression that I will continue writing. So, I decided to open a new website and a blog with which my readers can interact plus a “newsletter” in which they may enroll. There are translations of my books into English, Spanish, French, and soon also German and Italian. I have some columns planned for the blog, two of them being about my pregnancy and Brazil, which are published monthly in two magazines from Bahia and Spain. I just was contacted and signed a contract with a new publisher, which felt like a Christmas gift to me. Which means that soon new editions of my books will be available!

I know there are infinite inner worlds to be explored and shared. I believe in the power of words to create and destroy universes. I have immense respect for them, the words, and I know that I’m just a pilgrim on this path. Therefore, I go forward step by step and never stop learning. I commit myself to those words that serve love, in obvious or hidden ways, in all its forms and facets. So today I invite you to join me on this journey of surprises and exciting challenges, write reviews and be critical, invite your friends to know my work, and buy my books. Subscribe to my newsletter (in the “Get In Touch” page on my website)  in order to receive my articles and other news per e-mail. After all, it is only thanks to the support of my readers that I am here, able to continue the writer`s pilgrimage and to seek unusual treasures in the remote corners of the heart.

I wish a Merry Christmas to all of us, may love guide our choices, and may the New Year bring us opportunities for expansion and realization of our individual and collective dreams.